Facebook Testing A ‘Highlights’ Feed Containing Important Updates

So you want to brush away the memes and the jokes and the stupid updates on Facebook? This may now be possible as Facebook is now testing a new ‘Highlights‘ feed which will contain only major updates and life events.

Facebook Highlights

Most of us go to Facebook to indulge. We don’t just need the important updates and the information – we also want to have a feeling of being in a conversation. However, there are those that simply want to get the serious, major updates and stay informed on Facebook.

For such users, Facebook is now testing out a new feature called a ‘Highlights’ feed. As the name suggests, this feed automatically filters out minor updates, memes, jokes and the regular humor of Facebook timeline. It rather focuses on major life events such as marriages, events, important announcements and so on.

The feature is available to some users in the latest Facebook for iOS update. The update replaces the ‘Requests’ section with a new tab titled ‘People’ and comes with a ‘Highlights’ section where you can see the notable updates from each of your friends instantly.

For professional social media users such as journalists and such who are always digging around to get useful information for their stories or reports, this feature will be immensely useful. They will be able to go beyond the clutter and focus directly on the content and updates that are of value to them. However, it remains to be seen whether the feature actually makes it past the beta testing phase and is made available to the public.

Source: TechCrunch

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