[Hilarious Video] Google Blackmailing People As They Don’t Use G+

Due to having many social-media platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and so on, major users now avoid Google’s social-media platform, Google Plus (G+). This has made Google a bit angry and now the company has decided to blackmailing people in order to join G+!

Google Blackmail

Google saw that its users spend huge time on other social media platforms, but they don’t even look at G+. On the other hand, when these people need to know or find anything, they use Google. This has peeved Google and therefore now the company has discovered a new strategy: either join Google Plus (G+), or the company will release your search history and all the private information it has learned about you over the years. Here’s a video for you regarding this.

This has made major users astonished as nobody ever expected that internet search giant Google will ever do such thing to people in order to engage users to G+.

Source: College Humor

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