Facebook Tests Out A New ‘Save For Later Reading’ Feature

Folks at Facebook continue to find ways of engaging the users more convincingly. To that end, the social network is now testing out a new feature called ‘Save for later’ which lets you save a link for later reading.

Facebook 'Save for Later Reading' feature

The new feature is Facebook’s attempt at improving on-site engagement. Many users tend to ignore the links shared by their contacts on Facebook. One of the reasons for doing so could be that a given user is too busy to click on a link and read it.

The ‘Save for Later‘ feature works by letting you click on an icon next to any post shared by your friends. The click on the icon will save the link to your apps menu, where you can access it later. However, you have to be online to access the link and its contents since the new feature doesn’t offer offline access.

Facebook has currently rolled out the ‘Save for Later‘ feature only to a select group of users. The social network is testing it on a limited scale to see if it pitches well with the users and to gather valuable feedback to improve before the public launch. In fact, we’re not even sure if there’s going to be a public launch.

If the test run goes well and the users currently experimenting with the new feature find it useful enough, that may persuade Facebook to roll it out to the rest of its population. Meanwhile, what we can do is wait and see. Do tell us, though, do you think such a feature can be a useful addition to our Facebook lives?

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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