Facebook Tests Video Autoplay Feature, May Use It In Ads Later

Imagine scrolling down your Facebook timeline and suddenly stumbling into a video. Now imagine that the video starts playing on its own, even if you don’t click on it. Well the imagination may come to be true. Folks at Facebook apparently think this is a good idea, so they are testing their hands at it.


The video autoplay feature will apply to the News Feed of the users. Whenever a user scrolls down or up and there’s a video along the way, it would start playing automatically as soon as it comes into view. However, the sound of the video will be off until you click on it.

The feature will be available only for such videos which are uploaded directly to Facebook. Any videos linked from other sites such as YouTube wouldn’t be affected by autoplay.

For now, the social network is testing out the new feature only on a limited number of users. This beta test will be used to measure the popularity of the feature and if it is able to grab the attention of the users, Facebook may roll it out on a larger scale.

Interestingly, many have touted this as an attempt by Facebook to move towards video ads. Right now, Facebook is not offering video ads but if a feature such as video autoplay proves popular with the users, Facebook may eventually start selling the video estate on user’s News Feeds.

Courtesy: Mashable

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