Facebook TimeLine Public Launch Delayed Because Of Lawsuit By TimeLines.com

Now the cause of delaying public release of Facebook Timeline is clear. Because of the trademark infringement lawsuit by TimeLines.com its getting late. But both parties are going to meet in front of another federal judge, till then its delayed. Check details below with Lawsuit file PDF version and possible date of Possible release date.

Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline is the new profile page that was unveiled at Facebook F8 conference and supposed to be rolled out by now. Timeline will transforms the Facebook user profile into a virtual scrapbook that will show up your digital history.

Timelines.com, a small Chicago based website, fairly unknown, with very small traffic. This site show up history with a timeline and image or story. TimeLines.com filed a law suit for restraining order so Facebook cant release Timeline. Timelines.com mentioned that if Facebook move forward with the launch of Timeline, it “will essentially eliminate Timelines.com” and cause mass confusion that Timelines.com is affiliated with Facebook. But Federal judge has refused to grant a temporary restraining order on Facebook at the request of Timelines.com. But now both company’s lawyer will meet again in front of another federal judge to debate again whether an injunction should be issued against Facebook. Till then it is delayed.

When Facebook Timeline could be released Publicly?
As far we got information both parties is going to meet on next Tuesday, until then its delayed. So dont expect Facebook Time before 5th October, 2011.

But most likely Facebook will surely won this case. They are big company has best lawyer in the field, where Timelines.com dont have much point, and they are small company to hire good lawyer and fight with giant like Facebook. Its true they own this domain TimeLines.com for long time, but Facebook was even using TimeLine not Timelines, and they are too small to make point that Facebook has any intention to damage their name. Highest thing could be they got payed up some unknown amount by Facebook to withdraw their case or they sold out their domain and business to Facebook. But I dont think Facebook will buy this domain or business, Facebook really dont need this and its not the way Facebook deal. They could just pay them off and shut this matter off.

Check the case files below

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