Facebook Timeline Released For Everyone

So have you got your brand new Facebook profile already? Termed ‘Facebook Timeline’ by the social network, this feature provides an all-new way of ¬†organizing and viewing your Facebook profile. For now, you can activate the feature for a trial period of seven days. After that, it will automatically replace your current profile view.

Facebook Timeline feature was already available for developers and thousands of people had activated it a few months back when Facebook introduced it. However, Facebook has now officially launched the feature and it is available to everyone around the world. Given below are some notable features of Timeline.

For now, you get a standard time of 7 days to preview your profile. You can hide the stories on your timeline that you don’t like, tweak the privacy settings and find a fine timeline feature photo. In short, you can customize your profile to your will through these seven days after which it will be automatically published and your Timeline will be visible to others.

Navigation through your profile made easy:
The best thing about the Timeline is that you can easily navigate through your profile, back to the first ever post you made on facebook. A cool timeline (literally) shows you months which, upon clicking, reveal the posts you made through that particular month. You can also view your activities, photos, posts etc in a similar fashion.

Better privacy option:
While some people are lamenting how their privacy got screwed with the new timeline, the opposite is actually true. You get all your posts tucked right in front of you in a linear fashion. And you can hide the ones you like, tweak the privacy settings of any of these and display only the ones you desire. In a way, Timeline allows for a better organization and privacy customization of your profile.

Get timeline today

To get timeline, simply go to the Introducing Timeline page and click “Get Timeline.” Or you can wait until you see an announcement at the top of your profile.

Starting today, timeline will also be available on Android and m.facebook.com.

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