Facebook Heard To Be Charging Users $2.99 Per Month, It’s A Hoax

A news is being heard that Facebook has planned to charge is users a monthly fee of $2.99 for using Facebook. That’s not all! We have also heard that Facebook will apply this act from November 1. But it’s completely false. Details inside.

Facebook To Start Charging

On September 21, 2014, a news conference was held at Facebook headquarter in Palo Alto, California. There, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will implement a new monthly fee which will take effect November 1st, 2014. Later, it was clearly uttered that Facebook will charge users $2.99 per month to use the services that the site will offer. Zuckerberg told reporters, “After thinking long and hard about this decision, at the end of the day, we were forced to add this monthly fee. If we don’t do something about our rising costs now, Facebook could cease to exist in the near future.”

Now the question rises – is the $2.99 monthly charge applicable for all Facebook users? Besides, marked the word – “$2.99 per month to use the services that the site will offer?” What does it mean? Will Facebook charge users for Facebooking? Or the social media giant will offer something? – and those who will accept the offer, the company will charge them $2.99 per month. And if it is true, then Facebook should change the words on its Log In or Sign Up page, isn’t it?

Facebook Sign In Page

Analyst Dale Sackrider has said, “This is excellent news for Facebook stock holders. As of August this year, Facebook had a total of 1.317 billion users. If just 75% of those members pay the new monthly service fee of $3, that will mean an annual influx of cash totaling roughly $3 billion. That’s not just an increase in profits of a few dollars, that’s a game changer right there.” Besides, in an interview, Facebook spokesman Paul Horner explained the reason for the new monthly fee in his way –

Economic times are tight, the ads on Facebook are not as profitable as we had planned. Our costs are going up as hundreds of thousands of individuals continue to join the site every day. There’s so many pictures of cats, and all of those costs add up, we just can’t foot the bill any longer.

But now comes the twist. Facebook to charge users $2.99 per month – it’s absolutely a false news. Well, such rumor has been spread via the National Report, a ‘satirical‘ fake-news website. Not only this is fake, but also the statements of Mark Zuckerberg are completely fabricated. That means, Facebook is still “free and always will be.”

However, we suggest, always take a while to verify these kind of sensational claims regarding Facebook or any other online services. And better you don’t spread any misinformation and junk with your Facebook friends, before confirming the whole thing.

Source: Hacker News

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