Facebook Starts ‘Interest Lists’ For Celebrities, Pages, And Brands

Facebook has come with another interesting feature for its users to make their user experience even more exciting and happening. For those Facebook users who have always wanted to keep track of all of their favourite celebrities, pages and their favourite companies, etc., can now do this as the social network has recently announced about “Interest Lists” according to The Verge. It is a new way to create customized news feeds where users can see stories from people and pages they have subscribed to.

Not only this, but it can also have users’ contacts and friends they want to include in their “Interest Lists”. The recommendation from Facebook is that a user chooses lists of topics he or she enjoys, as this is what Facebook wants this whole new feature to be about. There are also “Interest Lists” created by Facebook itself for you to follow, like “Art Critics”, “Fiction Authors”, and “Movie Stars”. But the best thing is that you can get to have your own “Interest Lists”, these are just some of the ones Facebook has created for you.

To note further about this change, one can remember Twitter Lists and Google+ Circles and taking from both of these, Facebook has come with a better creation and that is of “Interest Lists”. Here too Facebook took an inspiration from its rival social network and did something better from it. Just as Twitter lets users follow lists others have made as well as create their own private Lists, same is the case with Facebook “Interest Lists”. In  Google+ Circles, Facebook took the feature of adding a user does not make him or her your friend. It is the same thing that following someone else’s Interest Lists does not make him or her your friend on Facebook.

The new feature is indeed very interesting and something that people can engage in doing passing time on Facebook. It will also make Facebook have users staying longer on the site as just when the social network introduces something, the Facebook aficionados just get involve on it. One of the other interesting thing in which users will be happy and advertisers but might not so is that ads is the difference between Like and Subscription.

During Facebook’s Marketing Conference, the social network said that Liking a page on Facebook means that you can actually see ads by that page or brand. However, adding that page to your “Interest Lists” does not mean that a page will show you ads, because basically adding pages to “Interest Lists” means subscribing to them and not Liking them. At least a place is left out on Facebook now without an ad when you add a page.


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