Facebook Is Considering Abandoning The Annoying Ticker

Remember how Facebook introduced the ticker to the right side of our home pages back in 2011? In doing so, the social network was very successful in annoying so many people, so quickly. Thankfully, the new look of the News Feed will do away with it, or at least hide it away somewhere deep in the home page.

Facebook News Feed

Apparently, Facebook is testing out different options regarding the ticker. All of these options are meant to make the ticker less annoying and also present the users with the option of hiding it altogether. The company may also discard it, an option that is still on the tablet but we’re not sure if Facebook would do that.

However, if it does, that would make perfect sense. In the new design of the News Feed, you get to be able to navigate to multiple ‘kinds’ of News Feed stories. You can filter the Feed to see stories exclusively from your friends, or you can see the incoming posts from pages alone. Such filtering options allow you to organize and view the updates from your friends, groups and pages in a far better manner.

Besides, doing away with the ticker also has an aesthetic meaning. Evidently, very few users took any interest in the ticker and it was merely occupying a precious spot on the home page. As users start getting News Feed upgrade, some of them have reported that their ticker is off by default.

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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