Facebook Users May Lose The Ability To Vote On Future Changes

Approximate three weeks before, social network giant Facebook sent emails titled “Updates to Data Use Policy and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities” to users, proposing to take away the voting privileges from its users for important site governance issues. People started to respond. Now we have come to know that Facebook needs 299.4 million votes from its users by tomorrow morning, otherwise Facebook users will lose the ability to vote on future changes, and their data will be intermingled with Instagram.


Till now 619,000 people have already cast their vote in Facebook’s vote on site governance and policy. We have a report that 544,642 have voted against the changes and 75,539 have voted for them (Facebook’s proposal). But to enact the votes against the changes, Facebook needs 299.4 million more vote. The problem is this 299.4 million more vote needs to be cast by tomorrow noon (Pacific Time). Otherwise Facebook’s experiment with “democracy” will be closed for sure. If over 30% of all Facebook users vote cast, then we may see the blockage of the new versions of Facebook’s Statement Of Rights and Responsibilities and Data Use Policy.

Now public (Facebook users) will decide will Facebook treat its supporters right? We have to wait till tomorrow noon. If you want to vote, you can vote here for either the existing site governance documents or the new proposed changes that remove the vote and permit the combination of Facebook and Instagram data.

Source: TechTrunch

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