Facebook Will Soon Launch Targeted Ads Based On The Apps Used

Facebook has long been trying to establish itself more firmly on the mobile platform. Whereas it has made somewhat of a successful transition from web to the mobile, it still has to find adequate ways of monetizing its mobile presence. And now, it may seem that the social network has found a new way of doing it.

The chief problem with the mobile platform is that it is really hard to pitch ads using this platform. The screen and data size tend to prohibit extensive advertising on mobile devices.

However, it is now being reported by the Wall Street Journal that Facebook will soon be launching targeted ads to its mobile users. These ads, rather than being displayed on the main Facebook home page, will rather be placed in the news feed of the users.

Moreover, Facebook will decide what kind of ads must be presented to the users based on the kind of apps that particular user has been using. What is rather disturbing is that the user will get to have no say, apparently, in the whole ad thing. Even if he has shown absolutely no interest in the ads, he will have to bear with them.

It is only inevitable that as things move from web to mobile, Facebook makes desperate moves to keep itself financially sustainable. And to accomplish that, it will have to monetize its mobile presence, although doing so in a way that will garner user’s agreement would be a far better strategy for Facebook.

Source: WSJ

Courtesy: CNET

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