Woman Accidentally Walks Off Pier While Checking Facebook On Phone

There are many people who have great addiction to Facebook. No matter where they are, most of the time, they are found sticking to Facebook without paying attention to anything surrounding them. However, lately a Taiwanese tourist accidentally walked off pier and fell into water while checking Facebook on phone.

Woman Checking Facebook On Mobile

The scenario happened late on Monday night at Port Phillip Bay in St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia. According to reports, the tourist was a female. She was checking her Facebook account on her mobile while walking. At then, she had paid no attention around her or where she was going and finally walked off the end of a pier unknowingly. As a result, she tumbled from St Kilda’s pier into Port Phillip Bay.

St Kilda Pier, off which the woman strolled
St Kilda Pier, off which the woman strolled

Immediately, a witness informed police. About 20 minutes later, police rescued that tourist on a speedboat. Although the tourist was absolutely “fine,” police sent her to a nearby hospital for observation.

Note that, there were two interesting things in this incident. Firstly, the tourist couldn’t “swim”, but still survived for 20 minutes, and secondly, throughout the ordeal, she managed to keep her phone in her hand while in water, and her phone is “OK.” When the police started to rescue her, she said, “I was checking my Facebook page on the phone and I’ve fallen in”

This is not the first time that such incident has occurred. Earlier this year, a British woman plunged into a canal while texting her boyfriend. Then, there was American Bonnie Miller, who fell into an Indiana river while using her phone. And in an incident of a slightly different nature, some guy in Texas drove off a bridge apparently just after sending a message which said, “I need to quit texting.”

Source: BBC
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