FedEx Responds To Viral Video Of Careless Employee Tossing Packages

FedEx is among the largest courier delivery services around the globe. The company recently chanced upon a potential PR nightmare when the video of a FedEx driver, carelessly throwing around packages, went viral. The company, true to it’s fame, was quick to dish out an official response to the video.

FedEx driver

Millions of people rely on FedEx to have their packages shipped to different places. In view of this, it is quite obvious that if customers find out how carelessly their packages are tossed around, it would create a PR disaster for the company.

The video in question recently hit the internet and it showed a FedEx driver throwing packages without caring about their contents. The video went viral within no time, causing many to criticize the company. It is posted below.

In response to this, SVP of Human Resources at FedEx, Shannon A. Brown has dished out an official statement, citing that the driver who has been spotted in the said video has indeed been in violation of the company’s regulations and that he has been fired.

The instance also goes on to show that social media has become a critically important part of the PR presence of major companies. They have to keep an eye on the social media, dispel any rumors and respond to any untoward allegations if they wish to maintain their customer base.

Courtesy: Mashable

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