Glitchr Challenges Facebook Designs

Glitchr might just be the thing that Facebookers are looking for as it has a collection of hacks and tricks that will stretch the mind of someone looking for the limits of Facebook’s format according to The Verge. Yes, Glitchr presents challenges to the limits that Facebook has through the hacks and tricks it contains.

There are duplicated chat feeds, layout-breaking collections of pronunciation marks or diacritics and other such fun stuff. Already, this is creating enough buzz amongst interested people and they are flocking to it. It is basically all about aesthetic hacking. Could it be also considered ethical or moral ‘hacking’ if there were to be such an oxymoron, if you will, but no. It is simply about being creative in order to check the technical know-how as to how things work on Facebook. Here is how The Verge describes it:

“Facebook is the epitome of centralized order. Its features are created and released with a certain technocratic paternalism, an insistence that it be allowed to protect you from the tacky excesses of MySpace. And to some extent, this is exactly what’s best about it when it works — people may dislike being pushed into Timeline, but they detest being spammed with social gaming invitations. It’s also the reason why a page like Glitchr is so much fun.”

There goes one perfect reason why to like Glitchr. Simply because it is about challenging spams through social gaming invitations. One can be innovative about it, which is the best part. Furthermore, if anyone is interested, they can check it out here.

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