Facebook Finally Launched ‘Dislike’ For Its Messaging Service

The ‘Like‘ and ‘Share‘ buttons on Facebook posts are the most popular method of interaction on the social network. But many people requested Facebook to launch a Dislike button so that they can thumb down on posts or messages they don’t like. In continuation to that request, for the first time, Facebook has launched dislike button, but for its messaging service.

Facebook Dislike

Stickers are illustrations or animations of characters that you can send to friends. They are growing in popularity as it means users no longer have to dig the icons out of a menu. However, in April of this year, Facebook introduced stickers — essentially, Facebook-branded emoticons — to its web and mobile chat feature.Lately, Facebook has added a sticker to its Facebook Messenger app that allows users to respond to messages with a variety of icons that play on the iconic Facebook ‘like’ thumbs-up symbol. One of them is thumbs down. There is also a heart, a peace sign, a protest fist, a hand holding a bunch of flowers, a glass of Champagne and more.

New Sticker In Facebook Messenger App

The new sticker pack is available to download for free in the Sticker Store on the Messenger app. About the newly added sticker, Facebook Help Page has mentioned that these stickers are ‘a great way to share how you’re feeling and add personality to your chats.’

Source: All Facebook

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