Google is About To Bring “GoogleMe” – A Facebook Killer [Rumor]

Digg Founder Kevin Rose Tweeted about the Rumor that Google Bring New Facebook killer social tool “GoogleMe”.

This is not confirmed news but from “very credible source,” Digg founder Kevin Rose tweeted that Google is readying “Google Me,” a social service intended to go toe-to-toe (face-to-face?) with Facebook. It’s like Google stalking, but official, and thus marginally less creepy!

Interesting thing is after few hour Kevin’s tweet been deleted. So thing becoming more suspicious.

There is some theory. Reader Chris Saad theorizes that “Google Me” is some sort of upgrade to the already existent Google Profiles feature, which might explain why Rick Klau, the developer who built Buzz, was recently tapped to overhaul Google Profiles.

Stay Turned for more info.

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