Hadouken: New Internet Meme After Harlem Shake

We have seen Hadouken (throwing balls of lightning) in movies, specially in Street Fighter. But here some Japanese schoolgirl does some amazing “Hadouken” act, and it goes viral and now becoming new internet Meme. Here we have full collection of those great Hadouken.


So, we have seen enough of Harlem Shake? Its time for Hadouken. The famous Japanese neologism attack, seen in Street Fighter?

Few school kid from Japan started to post their Hadouken act photos, and it now became new internet Meme.

Here we have selected collection of great Hadouken.

I cant find any video while I made this post, so I made an video with YouTube Video Editor

So, how do you like those Hadouken? Want to try something of your own? Sie-Wai Lo, Brie Manakul, and Sheila Casey from Mashable tried their own, check.

Disclaimer: This term Hadouken has nothing to do with British band by the same name. And Me or TTJ is not responsible for any accident while you try Hadouken, We advise take proper precaution.

Image Source: grimlockt

Thanks: Mashable


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