Instagram Loses 50% Active Users Within A Month

Instagram recently made changes to its copyright policy, stating that it could share user uploaded content for commercial purposes without paying them back anything. Naturally, that caused quite a furor; though Instagram later tried to cool things down, it seems to have failed. The service’s traffic has sharply declined since the controversy.

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The anti-Instagram movement erupted nearly a month ago when the social photo sharing site made a rather surprising change in its copyright policy. Naturally, a lot of analysts pinned the blame on Facebook who had recently acquired the service and has been under a lot of pressure by its investors to make money.

The change of policy, however, couldn’t save the ship. It launched the enter web into a hot debate, with many eminent groups actively campaigning to boycott Instagram for good. It now seems that Instagram took a rather serious hit in terms of its user base since then.

According to AppStats, a service that tracks the traffic directed at different apps, the overall number of active Instagram users has been trimmed down by half since the whole controversy started. Given the fact that this was only a month ago, it is rather surprising to note that the service’s daily active users have gone down from 16.3 million to 7.6 million.

The stats show sensitivity of netizens toward privacy and copyright issues.

Source: AppStats

Courtesy: The Register

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