Pinterest Starts Supporting GIFs For Web Users, Mobile Support Coming Soon

Until quite recently, if you tried to pin a GIF on one of the Pinterest boards, it would automatically turn into a static photo. Now, Pinterest has finally rolled out support for GIFs on the web version, allowing you to pin moving, dynamic images.


GIF is a rather popular image format online since it allows a brief snippet of a video to be captured and posted as an image file. The format is supported on many forums but many major online services are yet to roll out support for it. Pinterest has taken a lead in that it has finally started supporting the format on its web version.

Now if you pin a GIF to one of your Pinterest boards, it automatically displays a ‘play’ and ‘pause’ button. This is a very useful feature because rather than having to browse to the original site to play the GIF, you can now play it straight from the board it is posted on.

According to Pinterest, there are already some 10 million GIFs pinned across the site. It is expected that with the support on the web version, all these GIFs will automatically be converted from static images to functional GIFs.

While the current support extends only to the web version, Pinterest has announced that it will soon be rolling out similar support to its mobile apps too. For avid Pinterest users, this is certainly good news as it will enable them to turn their Pinterest boards into more interactive feeds without altering the look and feel of the service.

Source: Pinterest

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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