IOC Requests To Stay Away From Non-urgent Text Messages And Tweets During Olympic Events

The inauguration of London Olympics 2012 has been praised immensely. Many spectators observed the events by being on the spot. They shared their excitements and opinions to other people via messaging and twittering. But on Sunday, sports fans attending the London Olympic 2012 had been told to avoid non-urgent text messages and tweets during events because it was generating overload to data networks and hence television coverage was being affected.

Mens Cycling In London Olympic

Many people are attending the Olympic events to see the action live. On Saturday, people attended men’s cycling road race. But the television commentators couldn’t informed how far the leaders were ahead from their competitors. It happened because the data could not get through from the GPS satellite navigation system travelling with the cyclists.

For this reason, many people got disappointed. Many spectators vented their rage and shared their mental situation through Twitter. But why and how this problem occurred? An International Olympic Committee (IOC) spokesman said that it occurred because of network problem. Spectators used internet specifically they sent message and were busy in Tweeting all the time during men’s cycling road race. So, the network went so busy that the TV commentators couldn’t get the distant measurements of the cyclists and therefore couldn’t provide updated information.

After that undesired incident, an IOC spokesperson said they would “certainly never prevent people”. But he requested people to stay away from non-urgent text messages and tweets during events as it generate overloads to data networks.

But Official 2012 Olympic communications services provider BT (British Telecom) and some other mobile network provider said that there were no network problem.

It doesn’t matter, there were network problem or not, but spectators want uniform coverage and updated information of all the games.

The IOC spokesperson said that “it’s a network issue, and it is that which we are working on.”

Source : Reuters

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