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[Review] 3 Top Websites For Sharing Photos

In this digital era, photos have become an integral part of our day-to-day life. Gone are the days when people used to snap a few shots to capture a handful of special memories, because every petty thing nowadays beckon us to capture them digitally; be that a graduation or a wedding ceremony, or a mere hang-out with friends in the weekend. Therefore, today we have brought 3 top websites for sharing photos.


While some people love taking random photos, there are a bunch of them who capture beautiful moments driven by their passion. Their work embodies the aesthetics associated with the objects they portray, and is a representation of how they view the world.

Whether you are a professional or a non-professional photographer, you do have the urge inside to introduce the world to your little pieces of creations. While there are multiple networking websites scattered across the web, very few of them are there to cater to your special need. There are restrictions on use and sharing which often hinders your work from going completely public. However, the following top three websites will help you share your photos globally, take a peek at the works of fellow photographers and build your own portfolio to sell your copyrighted work over the internet!


Instagram has been in the market for only four years now, but has gained popularity because of its easy-to-use features. This application is available for both Android and iOS, and can be easily accessed from your phone.


With Instagram, you can edit photos instantly using its multiple effects and editing options. You also have the liberty to share those photos on other social networking websites including Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Recently, Instagram has added an exclusive feature which enables you to share photos with only a handful of friends on your account, and it allows you to have total control over the privacy of your posts even if you have hundreds of followers.

Instagram homepage

Signing up and sharing photos on this website is absolutely free! But because the application lacks sophistication in terms of editing photos and limits creative editing, the use of this application has become more common among non-professionals.


Flickr was first introduced to the market a long time ago, and is counted as one of the top photo-sharing websites of all time. Its recent upgrades and features have managed to attract many professional photographers from different corners of the world, and its relentless commitment has sparked a feel of trust among its users.

Flickr Logo

Breaking out from its previous restrictions, Flickr now allows its users a space of 1 terabyte absolutely free of cost! With this feature, users now can upload approximately 537,731 high-resolution and 6.5-megapixel photos! For more space, you have to upgrade to premium.

Flicks Homepage

Flickr’s added incentives proffer sharing of photos in their original quality, and therefore, they appear more realistic than ever. Flickr has also developed apps dedicated to smartphones built on Android and iOS, which lets you share your creation even faster.

Flickrphoto book

The latest addition to Flickr’s features is called ‘Flickr Photo Books‘, through which you can get your precious photos turned into a book. All you have to do is pick the photos you want to include in it, and Flickr will print those into a hardcover book with a dedicated dust jacket; all for $34.95! Visit ‘Flickr Photo Books’ in order to learn more.


SmugMug is another professional-looking platform with astounding opportunities to create sophisticated pieces of edited photographs. Although this website does not allow you to have a free account, it has some unique benefits that will convince you to pay for using the photo sharing site.


On this website, you can have your own account with a presentable public profile. Here, you are your own boss, and have complete control over how to present your collection to the whole world. SmugMug has thousands of designs stacked up on its website, and you can pick one that suits the type of photography you offer. These designs serve as themes for your portfolio, and are the first glimpse of your work to the world.

smugmug themes

SmugMug has a comprehensive editing option for your photos, and it also has apps for your smartphone for faster and instantaneous uploads. It also provides printing services where you can choose to get your photo printed in various ways. To get started, you can choose from its four monthly or yearly plans that come with individual sets of benefits.

So why delay? Sign up on any of these websites and let the whole world admire your unique and beautiful creations!

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