Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei Joins Facebook Despite Official Censorship

Iran has never been a state for an open and free internet. The Iranian government has always tried to filter out a major portion of the web so that Iranian citizens are unable to access it, at least not without some difficulty. In the midst of all this, Iran’s Supreme Leader has just joined Facebook.


What is most interesting about this bit of news is that if you are an average Iranian, you can’t officially access Facebook or Twitter. Of course there are ways to circumvent the curbs but the websites are officially banned by the regime.

Yet, the Supreme Leader of the country has been quite active in using the social media websites. He has already been on Twitter and now, he has set up a page on Facebook too. The account looks quite real, populated with a number of his Persian speeches and attracting more than 6000 likes within no time.

This does look a tab bit hypocritical since only a while ago, Iranian state-TV had deemed Mark Zuckerberg a Zionist and heaped a number of other allegations against him, denouncing Facebook and telling the masses not to use it.

On a different note, it is rather good to note that at least someone in Iran is openly using the social media websites, something which may persuade the authorities to soften up the curbs on internet in the coming days.

Source: Facebook
Courtesy: The Register

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