Lawsuit Against Facebook Demands $15 Billion For Tracking User Activity

Facebook has been lambasted and criticized numerous times for its privacy policy. However, this may enter the legal realm now that a number of Facebook subscribers have consolidated a total of 21 cases into a single lawsuit against the social network. The suit is demanding Facebook to pay a whopping sum of $15 billion for tracking user activity without permission from the users.

According to the complaint which has been filed with the federal court in California, the complainants are of the opinion that even after they log out, Facebook has been tracking them. This, they say, infringes upon the privacy rights of the users and thus, Facebook should be made to pay for indulging into this.

According to the counsel representing some of the users in the case, “This is not just a damages action, but a groundbreaking digital-privacy rights case that could have wide and significant legal and business implications.”

The act under which the damages to such tune are being demanded is the U.S. Wiretap Act. Interestingly, the $15 billion that are being demanded from Facebook are being demanded on the behalf of all the Facebook users, which mount up to more than 900 million.

Facebook, on the other hand, has stated that the claims that have been made in the case are not based on truth and that Facebook will go ahead and contest them in the court of law.

Source: Bloomberg

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