New Facebook Users Will Now Get A Privacy Education Tour

Facebook’s ever-changing privacy policies have been a cause of concern to both, the users as well as the regulatory authorities. Especially in the European Union, the social network has been asked to help new users understand the way its privacy policies work. Complying with this, Facebook will now be offering virtual privacy education tour to all new Facebook users.


This is a great step forward. It essentially allows new and prospective users to determine what exactly are they signing up for and how should they tweak their settings once they have a profile on the network.

The office of Facebook’s international division is in Ireland. The Irish Data Protection Commissioner has been after the company for quite some time, persuading it to adopt more user-friendly policies. As a conclusion to its investigations into Facebook’s conduct, the Commissioner’s Office recommended that Facebook must make the links to privacy policies available to users at the time of registration.

Facebook has apparently heeded this advice. The virtual tour will let the users know how to tag photos, how to determine the visibility of a status, the how’s and why’s about games and apps as well an explanation about why advertisements have to be placed on Facebook pages.

According to Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer, Erin Egan, “At Facebook, we’re committed to making sure people understand how to control what they share and with whom. We appreciate the guidance we’ve received from the Irish Data Protection Commissioner’s Office as we strive to highlight the many resources and tools we offer to help people control their information on Facebook.”

Courtesy: Slash Gear

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