New ‘Like’ And ‘Star’ Buttons Being Tested By Twitter

Twitter has become one of the most significant parts of the social media. The micro-blogging website has been able to capture people’s hearts with features such as ‘Favorite’ and ‘Discover.’ However, the ‘Favorite’ feature may soon vanish as reports surface that Twitter is testing out new ‘Star’ and ‘Like’ buttons.

Twitter star button

The ‘Favorite’ feature on Twitter has been around since many years. And as such, users tend to really like it since it allows them to bookmark the tweets they like so that they can come back to them later if they wish to read them.

Reports now indicate that Twitter is currently considering two new buttons – a ‘Like’ button as well a ‘Star’ button. We are not sure about it since details about these are scarce. However, we do have a hint that Twitter may have plans of replacing ‘Favorite’ button with ‘Star’ button in the coming days.

Nonetheless, the problem remains that both ‘Like’ and ‘Star’ buttons would essentially be meant for the same purpose. So to think that Twitter may use them both at the same time doesn’t really make sense. Rather, the micro-blogging site may be testing them both to see which of them works better.

For quite some time, Twitter users have been demanding that a ‘Favorite’ count be shown on the tweets so as to let people know which tweets are popular and which aren’t. There is a possibility that Twitter may be trying to add this particulate aspect to the function of the ‘Favorite’ button. If that’s the case, we may not only see the name of the button change, we may also see the number of Favorites appearing alongside a given tweet.

Source: TNW

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