Twitter Makes Advanced Dashboard Available To Small Advertisers

Until now, Twitter offered two kinds of dashboards to its advertisers. The smaller advertisers were given access to a basic dashboard, whereas publishers spending larger amounts on ads could access the advanced dashboards. Recently, the micro-blogging website has made the ‘advanced dashboard’ available to small advertisers too.

Twitter dashboard

This is a great move by Twitter. The basic dashboard is void of most analytic tools and is not suited for running focused ad campaigns. Advanced dashboard provides a broader range of tools but until now, this dashboard was available to only big spenders.

Starting from today, smaller advertisers can see a new ‘Switch to Advanced’ option at the top of their dashboards. Using this option, these small advertisers can switch to the Advanced dashboard within a few minutes. The advanced dashboard offers a whole range of new features, including the ability to target the audience of specific gender, users of specific devices or platforms, or such users who have certain interests.

Twitter ads

These tools help ads publishers push out their ads to a more focused audience of their own liking, resulting in better success rates.

A tiny fix for the small advertisers is that the option is permanent. This means that if they switch from simple to advanced dashboard, they can’t go back. So if you are an advertiser on Twitter, you need to carefully weigh your options before making the switch. While the Advanced dashboard will be very useful for some advertisers, it may appear as somewhat of a hassle for simpler, smaller advertisers.

Source: Twitter

Courtesy: Marketing Land

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