Man Sued Google For Street View Photo Of Him Peeing In His Garden

People don’t expect their lives to be telecasted and especially not on Google and especially not when they are in an embarrassing situation. Some things are not for Google’s Street View, but it turns out Google Street View can surprise anyone catching them in an act of any kind. For a man in France, it was when he was peeing out in the open in his garden for which now Google is being sued according to Digital Trends. He would have not pursued the case against Google had his picture not been on the photo-mapping site after which he alleged that the entire village mocked him for it. He has been rightly angered then and intends to take Google to court for this embarrassment.

Of course, the man having usual living habits of a civilized person would not go out and pee in his own garden, except only when the situation really calls for it under tough conditions. For this Frenchman, one expects that there might have been a genuine reason for taking such a desperate measure. Just as he was in the act, the Google Street View car went passed him and he was snapped forever and his photo went online on the Google Mapping service.

With the technologies entering people’s lives, it making changed both positive and negative and creating dynamics which are at best uncertain when it comes to a man. Since this particular man happens to live in a small French village in the west-central Main-et-Loire region, almost everyone knows each other in the vicinity and he has become a laughing and taunting target. May be he might have not mind being photographed in the embarrassing act had everyone else taken the thing to be what it is, a natural call of the living beings.

Initially he did not realize why he was being singled out for such rude treatment. Then later he found himself to be online in a photograph with the way he would have never imagined to go public and international. His disappointment is with Google of firstly taking his photo in this position and then not asking him before publishing it. He wants the court to deal justly with him with the privacy infringement Google has shown yet again and has demanded that the photo be taken down immediately.

He has also gotten himself a lawyer, named Jean-Noel Bouillaud, who is fighting for him. Even the lawyer did not explain or found it necessary to give any clarification on why the man was using his garden as a toilet instead of his own house toilet. The lawyer does not want to give further information to spare the man of further embarrassment. According to AFP, the picture shows a man peeing in a garden quite visibly despite being slightly blurry. Now to defend itself from yet another lawsuit, which is embarrassing for Google actually, the web giant’s lawyer, Christophe Bigot has called the whole case “implausible”.

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