Online Dating’s High-Tech Methodology

There’s nothing online dating sites wouldn’t do to find their patrons a love match. That includes requiring user to provide info on their brain chemistry and DNA for genetic testing to find clues for compatibilty!
The New York Times recently published a list of such sites and their high-tech match-making services that members can access for quite a considerable fee.

The article also mentions that even though online dating is a $976 million dollar a year business, actual success is difficult to measure. But this doesn’t keep people from trying, as people from the entire spectrum of society sign up for their services.
The article goes on to conclude that the success of these sites can be attributed not to their high-tech methodologies, but to the more old-fashioned technique of providing each member with others’ background details on family, education, aspirations, character, genetic traits and general health, thereby allowing people to make more informed choices.

Source: The NY Times, Gizmodo.

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