Pinterst Makes Pins More Informative, Invites Businesses To Join

Pinterest revolutionized the social media when it came up with its pins-based visual design. The company is now hoping to take things to the next level by offering ‘rich pins’ which will essentially feature more detailed and relevant information to go with them.

Rich pins

The changes are essentially meant to add more meaningfulness to the pins that are currently hosted on the website. For instance, imagine a Pinterest food board. Formerly, people would simply attach images as pins to the board and that would be it.

But with the new changes that Pinterest is rolling out, users will be able to add a lot more details to these pins. For instance, if you are viewing a recipe on a food board, the pin for that recipe will include information such as the cooking time, ingredients etc.

The idea behind these changes is to provide users more details and let them decide whether or not the pins are useful and relevant for them. Pinterest is positioning the information-rich pins as ‘rich pins’ and the company claims that they can be especially useful for businesses.

That is precisely why the company hopes that with ‘rich pins’, it will be able to adapt a more profitable model. Users who want to use ‘rich pins’ need to join Pinterest as a business or have their accounts converted. In other words, they will have to split their profits with Pinterest.

The website has also rolled out the option of adding pins to a given board straight from the mobile devices. Given the sheer number of users accessing social media sites from mobile devices, this move can also add a significant audience to Pinterest.

Source: Pinterest

Courtesy: Venture Beat

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