Pinterest Rolls Out Support For ‘Do Not Track’ Feature

Do Not Track is the mechanism which essentially lets you opt out of having your web activity tracked by advertisers or any third party entities. A limited number of websites are already supporting this feature and now, Pinterest has announced support for it.

Do Not Track

Pinterest is the second major social network to offer support for the ‘Do Not Track’ mechanism. Twitter already provides users with the option, letting them keep third-party user-activity tracking cookies at bay.

Although nearly all the major browsers now support the feature, very few websites have committed to supporting it. The chief reason behind this is that for the mechanism to work, the website in question, the browser it is being opened on, the advertisers that are related and the developers working on it, all have to collaborate. While for some, this may be too much, Pinterest has now shown that it is committed to user privacy.

According to the explanatory note that Pinterest dished out alongside this change, “consensus around the technical specs for Do Not Track remain elusive. However, we believe people are making a choice when they turn on Do Not Track. Today, we’re committing to respecting that choice.”

It is important to note here that Pinterest is offering this feature at a critical point. The website has recently launched many changes that will affect the way users interact with boards on Pinterest. Apparently, the site will now be able to track users’ preferences and help them find the right kind of content. With ‘Do Not Track’ support, such users who don’t want their Pinterest activity tracked, can ascertain peace of mind.

To make use of the feature and tweak its settings, all you need to do is go the account Settings page of your Pinterest profile. You will be presented with the option of turning on or off the feature, the default setting being set to ‘off.’

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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