Pinterest Unveils Guided Search To Help You Find Just The Right Pins

Pinterest may not make a lot of headlines but it is one of the most creative social networks out there which has grown steadily over the years. The social network has now launched ‘Guided Search‘ which will help users find just the kind of pins they are looking for.

Pinterest Guided Search

Pinterest’s Guided Search is meant for more generic and open questions. For instance, if you are wondering what should you have for dinner, there are more than one answers to that. So the new search helps you narrow down the kind of foods you like and then explore exactly the ones that suit your mood and diet.

Similarly, if you want to know where you should go holidaying this summer, Guided Search is there to help you. You will be able to help the right boards and pins with the help of it and then it is up to you whatever you decide. Given the fact that Pinterest has more than 750 million boards which host nearly 30 billion Pins curated by the users, the site is certainly in a position to give you a wise advice about such open queries.

And the best part is that the suggestions or Pins that you ultimately settle on have been picked and Pin-ned by fellow Pinterest users. So you can interact with these users and find out more about the Pins your like. The Guided Search feature will initially be available in English only and for the mobile users. However, the company does hope to roll it out to web users eventually.

Source: Pinterest

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