Porsche Reaches 2 Million Facebook Fan, Announces A Special Cayman S Edition

Porsche has always been the one to celebrate it’s occasions with style. The new occasion for Porsche is that it’s Facebook page has reached two million fans, which is a mighty large number. To thank so many faithful followers and to commemorate this occasion, Porsche has decided to release a special edition of it’s car, Cayman S. This special edition will feature the face of each of these two million fans on the car. If you are a part of the page, you may want to try to find your face on the bumper.

The car will be exhibited at Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany on January 27. You may want to drop by and find your face along the red areas on the car. However, even if you can’t make it to Germany, don’t worry. You still can look at the car up-close and try to search up your face on it.

How? Porsche has a website which is showing the car with the option of 360 view. Not only can you view every part of the car’s surface, you can also zoom in to see the faces more clearly. Moreover, there are different search options which may help you find your face, if it is there.

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