Russian Spy Uses Twitter To Propose To Edward Snowden

Anna Chapman was among the ten suspected Russian spies who were recently deported to Russia, in exchange for four suspected U.S. spies imprisoned in Russia. Chapman has aroused many controversies since and has now gone on to propose to Edward Snowden on Twitter.

Anna Chapman tweet

Chapman has made many headlines ever since her return back to Russia. That is because the alleged spy was quick to turn to showbiz, becoming a model soon after her deportation. She has participated in a number of cat walks and indulged in many bold photo shoots.

At the same time, Chapman is viewed as an avid supported of the Putin regime. This makes things a tad bit complex for Snowden. With such an ‘accomplished’ spy-turned-model proposing to him, Snowden will have to decide between her or between the freedom that he seems to cherish so much. After all, Putin regime has been in blatant violation of human rights in Russia and the country wouldn’t exactly make an ideal choice for Snowden to while away his years in exile.

However, it is interesting to note that Chapman took to Twitter in order to propose to Snowden. Her exact tweet read, “Snowden, will you marry me?!” One hopes that such an excited proposal from the Russian beauty wouldn’t stir the heart of Snowden who would find a far better abode in Iceland where he can at least rest assured about the observation of basic human rights.

Courtesy: CNET

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