Facebook Rolling Out Fixes For Page Insights Bugs

Facebook has confirmed that it has found bugs in its Page Insights product that have impacted in the reporting of page reach and impression counts. The bugs have impacted reporting only and is limited to Page Insights, stressed Facebook.


If you are not a webmaster or social media expert then you probably never heard of Page Insights. It is an analytics tool, similar to Google Analytics in philosophy, that let Facebook page administrators see anonymous aggregated analysis of user activity on their page(s).

Facebook said that the impact of the bugs varies from page to page, because it depends on a number of different factors. Referring to individual pages might be a good thing to do if real insights are needed.

The issue came into notice after many people, especially campaign management professionals, complained that the Page Insights is broken.

Facebook has started rolling out fixes for the bugs. However, the social network won’t be able to backfill historical data. Page administrators should expect to see some changes in reach and impressions in the coming weeks.

Thanks to: TNW

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