New Drawing Feature Of Skype Released Exclusively On Windows Phones

With all the updates going on in the app market left and right, the newest scoop has been added by Skype: their latest update comes with a drawing feature. However, this update is not available for all phone users at the moment, and only Windows Phone owners can enjoy the perk.


Skype is not the first one to enable a feature in their app that lets the users draw stuff in it. Viber has it, and so does Google Hangouts. However, the fact that Windows was interested in investing the idea into Skype rather than any other app is what sets it apart. According to tech gurus, we can expect more updates and features sponsored by Microsoft appear on Skype in future.

Drawing on Skype is very easy. While you are active on a chat, just tap on the ‘+’ icon, and then select ‘drawing’. You will be given a clean sheet and you can draw on it with your fingers. You will have options to choose different colors and add personal touches to it. Also, you can annotate a Bing map with this feature.

The version of the app is 2.24 and is available for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1. Along with the drawing feature, users also get auto-sign in if they own a Microsoft account, a better visibility if they own an HD screen, and a faster app resume time for better user experience.

Sources: Skype (Blog); PC World

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