Facebook Plans To Launch Snapchat Competitor App Called ‘Slingshot’

It would seem that after Facebook‘s attempt to acquire Snapchat for a hefty $3 billion didn’t go through, the company has decided to create a Snapchat competitor. Called ‘Slingshot‘ the video message app from Facebook may debut soon.


According to a report in Financial Times, Facebook has been working on creating a Snapchat competitor. Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly supervising the project personally which will be standalone and wouldn’t be integrated into Facebook itself.

Slingshot will apparently be an app which will allow you to send photos and brief video messages which can auto-delete after a single viewing. The report says that the Slingshot app has been in the making for many months and Facebook may lift the curtain within a month.

Facebook’s persistent attempts to encroach on the Snapchat audience is understandable. The use of Facebook has rapidly eroded among teenagers who are more drawn to Snapchat and in the long-run, Facebook may find it hard to survive without this age group. This is precisely the reason Facebook came up with a huge price tag for Snapchat acquisition and failing that, the social network is now gearing up to offer a counterpart of its own.

Whether or not this Slingshop app proves successful remains to be seen. And while Facebook may not integrate the app into its social network, it can still leverage its current audience to market the app and make it a success. However, wooing the teenagers who are already annoyed with Facebook may turn out to be a tough task.

Source: Financial Times

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