Social Media Advertisement Has Little Impact On Sales

The last few days were the most frenzied shopping sprees of the entire year, thanks to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The two occasions also afforded valuable data regarding online sales and advertisements. And this data suggests that social media marketing has little impact on sales.

Social media

IBM has been closely monitoring and tracking the sales trends during the holiday season. It tracked the sales of the top 500 brands, both online and offline. We reported earlier that in light of IBM’s data, it was revealed that iPhone and iPad users were a lot more active and placed many more orders online compared to Android users.

A number of online retailers actively made use of the social media to market their deals and products. According to some reports, a 40 percent increase was witnessed in the social media campaigns of major brands.

And yet, IBM’s data divulges, a mere 1 percent of the online traffic and sales were generated through the social media. That seems to undermine the purported importance of the social media as had been projected by the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

However, it can be argued that the kind of advertisement done on social media may not essentially impact the brand sales but is actually used to increase brand awareness among the users. And to that end, social media campaigns seem fairly effective. In the coming days, as social media sites learn new ways to deliver ads on their mobile versions, the impact of such advertising on brand sales may be more significant.

Courtesy: Business Insider

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