Start Playing Angry Birds On Facebook Now!

Angry Birds has already captured the hearts and minds of smartphone users. Millions of people are absolutely hooked to this awesome production by Rovio and are totally addicted to it. But apparently, that is not the limit for Rovio. Rovio has now finally released Angry Birds on Facebook, the world’s largest social network. The application is still in it’s beta launch but with it’s release, the near-billion population of Facebook can finally play Angry Birds on their favorite social network.

As always, Rovio has not disappointed us with the beta launch of the Facebook app of Angry Birds. It comes with an excellent user interface and very fine graphics. As soon as you hit the app page, you are prompted to ask you to access your Facebook details. Once you let that happen, the app asks you to choose between three gameplay levels. These levels include Poached Eggs, Surf and Turk, and the Mighty Hoax. A cookie for Facebook users is that the Surf and Turk level is exclusively for Facebook users!

You are also offered a free Valentine’s Day gift when you sign up. Moreover, you can tweak the sounds of the game to on or off, as per your wish. Another important thing about the Facebook app of Angry Birds is that it features the full Angry Birds soundtrack, something which has become the face of the game itself.

You may be worried that the experience of playing Angry Birds as an app within a website on a browser may not be very seamless. As it turns out, the gameplay is perfectly smooth and as you’d want it to be. So let’s chase some pigs with our birds across the social network, shall we?


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