Social Tools Increase Employee Productivity, Microsoft Study Suggests

The social media has virtually exploded in recent years, acquiring an audience of more than a billion world over. However, most social tools are usually banned in workplaces simply because executives tend to think these tools are a waste of time. A new Microsoft study suggests that these tools actually enhance the productivity of the employees.

Microsoft study

Social tools are very significant in that they are developing into increasingly sophisticated collaboration tools. So employees within a workplace can easily connect with each other, share data and collaborate in real-time through these tools.

The Microsoft study, conducted by Ipsos, reveals that some 50% employees are of the opinion that social tools can greatly enhance their performance. In fact, so convinced were these employees of the significance of social tools that 31% of them stated that they were ready to spend money on buying some of these tools.

Sadly, however, the top executives at most organizations tend to think otherwise. Many of these employers do not allow the use of social tools in workplaces, believing that such tools are a distraction and take a toll on employee productivity. It is for this reason that some 30% companies restrict or discourage the use of social tools.

Employers naturally want to implement such a policy because they want more controlled and predictable work outcomes. And since most of them are not aware of the exact potential of social tools, they treat it as an alien concept and tend to shy away from it. The reluctance to use these tools is simply for the fear of unpredictable productivity measures and outcomes.

However, given the increasingly greater role of technology in our lives, the use of social tools will eventually become absolutely pertinent in the coming days. A detailed infographic, citing the findings of the Microsoft study, can be viewed here.

Source: Microsoft

Courtesy: Forbes

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