Family Home Of Steve Jobs To Be Turned Into Historical Site

It can be claimed, without any dispute, that Steve Jobs is perhaps the most well-known tech personality of our modern-day digital world. In a tribute to the tech genius who curated some of the most popular tech products, Steve Jobs’ home will be converted into a historical site.

Steve Jobs house

The house in question is the same facility where Jobs built the first ever Apple computer and revolutionized the world of computers. The exact address is 2066 Crist Drive in Los Altos, California. Steve Jobs moved into the place when he was in his 7th grade and lived with his foster parents. He continued to live there until high school.

The Los Altos Historical Commission is now in the process of evaluating the historical significance of the house. Naturally, the facility does carry a certain significance because in the garage of the house, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak worked away on the first 50 Apple 1 computers.

The creation was a success and nearly nine months later, the duo finally established Apple Computer Co. in 1977. Given that the Apple computers of that era are being sold as rare auction items at very steep prices, it is no surprise that the facility where these systems were devised is now being considered a historical site.

According to the property evaluation, “Steve Jobs is considered a genius who blended technology and creativity to invent and market a product which dramatically changed six industries — personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing and digital publishing.”

Courtesy: CNN

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