Take A Trip Down Memory Lane With New Facebook Feature

The sheer amount of content that goes on our Facebook profiles and passes through our Timelines is so much that we are often not able to keep track of it. To help with this, Facebook has now launched a new feature called ‘On This Day’ which lets you go back to what your Timeline looked like a year ago.

On This Day feature

This feature make it very easy for users to discover content on their Facebook accounts. For now, the feature takes you exactly one year back, letting you see all the items that appeared on your Timeline on the same date last year. It is akin to take a virtual tour down the memory lane.

Currently the feature is available only to a limited number of such Facebook users who have already switched to the new News Feed design. For now, the social network says that the feature is in testing which means that it would be a while before we see the public roll-out of ‘On This Day’ feature to all Facebook users.

If you currently using the new News Feed, you can access this feature by going to ‘On This Day’ tab which appears right under the ‘News Feed’ tab on the home page. Once you click the feature, you will see posts from exactly one year ago, together with the likes and comments on them.

One hopes that this excellent, new feature comes out of testing soon and is available to the Facebook users at large so that they, too, can discover content in such a convenient manner.

Source: On This Day

Courtesy: Mashable

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