Google Integrates Facebook Status Updates To Real-Time Search

Google just announces that they are set to integrate Facebook pages in their real-time search. Google tweets this announcement on Twitter. Google launched their real-time search in December. That time they added Twitter, Yahoo Answers, blogs, news websites, and other sources for hot or trending search results. Only MySpace and Facebook were not included. Eight days ago MySpace updates also been integrated. Now the social network – Facebook.

But Facebook only allow Google to access from its 3 million Pages, which are generally for celebrities, politicians, brands, and local businesses — not your average Facebook user. Facebook has 400 million active users. So user’s privacy has been protected. But Facebook granting full access to user updates to Bing, though it’s not live yet. Bing will still only be getting status updates that are shared with “Everyone“, but with its recent privacy overhaul in December, Facebook ensured that it would have far more of those than it used to.

Unlike Twitter, which is reportedly making money off of its search deals with Bing and Google, Facebook isn’t charging the search engines for its data. According to Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land, Facebook is giving away the status updates because they may drive more people back to the social network.

Here’s a sample of some of the updates you can get from Facebook Page updates:

Source: Mashable, Tech Crunch

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