The Faces Of Facebook: 1.2 Billion Facebook Profile Pictures At One Place

Facebook has a huge population, going well beyond the mark of 1 billion. It is hard to visualize this number, let alone try to imagine how many people it denotes. However, an ambitious project called ‘The Faces of Facebook’ has now endeavored to do this by presenting the display pictures of all Facebook users in one, huge grid.

The Faces of Facebook

The project has been envisioned and realized by Natalia Rojas, a freelance designer. Given the fact that the said project displays the Facebook profile pics of a huge number of users, it is natural that many would cite privacy reservations over it. To such contentions, Rojas writes on the main site that ‘Relax. We are not breaking any Facebook privacy rules because we don’t store anyone’s private information, pictures or names.’

Being able to see such a huge collection of photos on a single page is certainly unprecedented, which makes this project quite unique. Once you visit the official site of ‘The Faces of Facebook’, you initially see really tiny dots, much like the static signal on a TV screen.

However, when you zoom in, faces begin to appear. Rojas says that these images are placed in chronological order based on the date when a given user registered for Facebook. You may not be able to find your own face in the immense collection but worry not. A Facebook app lets you discover not only your face in the huge matrix but also that of your friends. You will have to allow the app to access your Facebook profile first before you could get this information.

Source: The Faces of Facebook

Courtesy: TNW

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