The Optimal Tweet Length To Get Most Retweets Is 71-100 Characters

It is hard to discern how can one find a whole lot of analytics in a sentence as small as 140 characters. But apparently, the companies who are spending money on Twitter-based advertising need to know such analytics. Track Social has now revealed an interesting Twitter metric, which shows the optimal length for a tweet to be retweeted.

Optimal tweet length

Marketing companies who have their sponsored ads displayed on Twitter need to know exactly what are the things that catch the user’s interests. After all, they want their ads to be retweeted virally on the micro-blogging website. And for that, they need to know every last thing about the user trends on Twitter.

Towards that end, the marketing and analytics company Track Social carried out a little research which tried to find out the optimal length of a tweet so that it can garner maximum retweets.

Interestingly, it found out that if your tweet is between 71 and 100 characters in length, it has the greatest chance of being retweeted by most people. In comparison, tweets with 0-40 characters length have the tiniest chance of being retweeted.

So if you are trying to gain some traction, and followers, on Twitter, it may do you some good to stick to the a length of 71 – 100 characters. However, while that is certainly important, you will need to be interesting all the same to have your tweets catch people’s attention.

Source: Track Social

Courtesy: Business Insider

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