The Social Media Lovers Get Another Toy: Kondoot – Social Video Network

The youngest social network was designed in Australia and it is focused on video sharing. Far from being a simple You Tube replica, Kondoot encourages its users to become active reporters who broadcast live the events around them, regardless if they are of a major significance or just funny. Kondoot users can also use video calling feature to stay connected to their friends and family.

One of the two young co-founders, Mark Cracknell explained the concept behind Kondoot. “The big guys–Facebook, Google+–are all doing social, and Live stream and Ustream are doing live video. We’re trying to combine them…There was no one hub,” said Mark Cracknell. He and his friend, Nathan Hoad worked on the project for 16 months after making it public. Now, the social network that was released under the tag “social live video” announced having members from 137 countries, most of them from the US and South East Asia, despite the fact that has been release only two months ago for the US users.

The new social network based on live-broadcasting system has an intriguing business concept, which makes it different from rivals. Kondoot members can create events, make their own shows and then sell tickets from fans who want to attend virtually. The network takes a share of the profits, naturally and this allows it not to rely on advertising. However, for the time being the video selection and the list of events is not very enticing. In due time, Kondoot is expected to grow and when it will operate on a larger scale, the content’s quality will raise, without a doubt.


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