Eight Social Media Apps That Keep You In Touch With Your Workgroup During Vacation

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The biggest nightmare of workaholics is a vacation, be that small or for a few weeks. When they pretend to be enjoying their time off, they secretly remain tensed about the work they have left behind. For people who think work is bliss to their mundane life, staying away from work could be a bit of a stressful ordeal. However, in this article, we have listed eight social media apps that will help those people to remain connected with their teammate and get a head-on regarding their work or project.

Social Media Apps


If you are running a business or are a part of one, you sure understand how important it is to tweet important information. When you are on a vacation, you may or may not have the time to tweet regularly. Here’s Twibble to help you out with this matter. If you have a pre-scheduled plan of what to share, you can prepare and save the tweets on Twibble along with the time for posting, and it will send out those tweets as planned.

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Through this app, you can plan and share rich media. Their advanced system makes planning easier, and you can also grow your followers. Plus it’s absolutely free!


If you have a project/business that generates photos frequently and you instantly need to share those with the audience, Instagram is your ultimate savior. But vacations can give you quite the fright. Here’s Latergramme for you. Just plan and schedule your posts from computer or phone, and you can manage this app through a web app or your mobile app. Your photos will be posted in due time.

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You can start using this for free, but you need to go ‘Premium’ for added features such as linking two Instagram accounts or collaborating with two other users.


Selling something online alone? Then you know the importance of connecting with your customers all the time. When on vacation, Shopify can relieve you of the nightmare of missing out even single of your interactions.

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This is mostly useful if you already don’t have an ecommerce website. With this app, you can sell anywhere. Just sign up on their website with necessary information, and you can begin planning that next trip of yours soon!

Shopify is offered for sellers of three categories: who sell online, who sell online and in store, and who sell only in store. Depending on the type of seller you are, Shopify has three separate pricing plans for you, respectively starting from $29, $69 and $49 per month. You get a 14-day free trial before you are asked to choose a plan.


With Pie, chatting with co-workers becomes easier, no matter which part of the world you are at. You just need an internet connection.

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Pie lets you create small chat rooms with definite topics, so that only relevant conversation takes place with relevant people. That being said, you also get to choose which of your connected co-workers can take part in the rooms you have created. You can also tag the topics and check other’s tags to find out what they are talking about. This will help you to connect with them and your desired topic easily. Pie is absolutely free. So, you can get started, right now!


Discovered a potent promotion process while on vacation? Need to check what documents your co-workers created back at the office? Need reminders or have to make a to-do? Worry not. You can do all these with Evernote.

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Evernote could sound as one of those simple to-do apps or notebooks for scribbling, but it’s not. With this app, you can create extended to-do lists or make detailed plans, and at the same time, you can sync those with your computer and with anyone you have shared a particular ‘notebook’ with.

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You can also create handwritten reminders, and take photos and save them to notes. You can start with this app for free, but have to pay $5 and $10 per month to get ‘Premium’ or ‘Business’ features.


Zapier is one of the best apps for automating your time-consuming and tedious works. Connect any number of your apps together with Zapier, and then you can relax forever.

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This app works by continuously monitoring the apps that you have connected. Once a change occurs in any one of them, it promptly makes the changes into the other relevant ones. It supports 300+ apps currently, so you have a wider list to choose from. Starting from free, you can upgrade to Basic, Business, Business Plus and Infrastructure plans, respectively $20, $50, $75 and $125 per month.


With this app, you can make beautiful, easy-to-navigate surveys on the go. You can also add multiple users to your survey.

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The Basic plan is free but is limited to 10 questions per survey.


Finally, an app that summarizes all reports of your social media and presents it within one frame! With Social Media Tracker you get all social analytics about your social channels in a single place.

Easily measure the performance of social media brand and monitor brands’ online conversations to listen to what people say about brands on different social media channels.

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