The User Base Of Pinterest Doubles Within Three Months

Pinterest has been one of the most wildly popular emerging social networks right now. Where many other social sites have risen, floundered and then gone back to dust, Pinterest has been gaining a steady and successful traction. Its success can be gauged from the very fact that the total daily unique visitors of the website shot up from 2 million to 4 million between January and March this year.

The most interesting thing about Pinterest is that it is being flocked by women aged between 25 and 54, a group which dominates the overall user base of the website.

Also, with more users flocking to the website, and with a very interesting revenue model, Pinterest has been able to raise its overall social-media driven revenue from 1 percent in the second quarter of 2011 to a whooping 17 percent now.

Facebook’s recent acquisition of Instagram goes on to show how significant successful startups can be for the bigger players. Pinterest, with its fame of being a photo-sharing network, also has huge uses for many big players out there and with its success continued, its value has also increased manifold.

According to an analyst, ‘There’s really only one startup that emerges as most Instagram-like: Pinterest. All the others are battling for position as distant followers.’

Give a look to the infographic about Pinterest which has been brought together by Tamba here.

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