Three Microblogging Sites That Are Currently In Trend

Microblogging was first introduced with the launch of Twitter, but who knew they were here to stay? With our preoccupied schedule, we barely have the time to write posts that are the length of a novel and upload on our traditional blogs. For our convenience, more microblogging sites have emerged over the past few years, and have been populated with users surprisingly quickly. Here are three microblogging sites that are currently in trend and provide the most useful and time-saving features.

Twitter, Tumblr & FriendFeed

Twitter: Twitter is undoubtedly the most-used and revered microblogging site, and has gone through several revisions to reach their current phase. There are currently millions of users of Twitter scattered around the world, and most of them spend hundreds of hours on this website per month.


Twitter has recently broken away from their old look, and has added new features to give the accounts a ‘timeline’ look. They now allow you to add a cover image to your public profile which summarizes you or the purpose of your account.


They still have some of their old features enabled which allows you to choose a background cover for your account. Although the previous ‘@reply’ feature is absent, the dedicated ‘Notification’ button is there to notify you of new followers, retweets and favorites. You can also chat with people through their direct message, which is available on your dashboard.

Twitter lets you post anything you want, including photos and videos, and all of these while using only 140 characters or less. You can use hashtags to spread your news through Twitter. However, this website is absolutely free to use, and you need only an email address to sign up! So why delay?

Tumblr: Tumblr is currently the most used multipurpose micrblogging site. Although they had started with some sluggish features, the recent changes in their appearance and ease-of-use have made this site one of the most favorites among users.


Tumblr is absolutely free to use, and they do not have any limitation on their capacity so far. You have to sign up on their website, and choose a custom look of your profile. Tumblr has recently brought some changes to their settings, which lets you evaluate your own profile in a timeline form, which is pretty similar to Google+. Your public profile will be created around a definite theme, which you can choose from the gallery of themes. You might need to pay for some of them, but the others are absolutely free of cost. These are listed under separate categories, and you don’t have to waste a huge amount of time looking for the perfect one for your purpose.


The dashboard of Tumblr has appeared with a complete new look after their upgrade, and now you can create different types of post right from your dashboard without much hassle. You can post simple text, photos, quote, links from other websites or blogs, chat with others (e.g. followers and friends), post a music piece or song or even a video from any source. All of them have different options under their sharing methods, and you won’t get confused as to how to share.


You can use hashtags to spread the news of your post across the internet. People have the option to like or reblog your post, but you have the liberty to choose whether you want people to comment on them. Apart from this, Tumblr also has a recommendation for you to follow blogs, which calculates your current taste of following in order to generate new suggestions. Their app is available on Google Play, so that you can blog and check on to followers from anywhere and anytime. Sign up today!

FriendFeed: FriendFeed is the simplest form of microblogging that comes with a very unpretentious graphical user interface, and is very much user friendly. Launched in 2007, this website has already managed to gather thousands of users on their site, and has successfully running with their set of lucrative features.

FF 1

To get started, you have to sign up using your email address. Alternatively, you can sign up using your Facebook or Twitter account. Their homepage comes without any complexity, and you don’t have to enter tons of information to get started.

FF 2

Your dashboard will have the look of RSS feed, where the information will be presented in a modest way. On the top bar, you will have the option to post anything you like, and you will be given the option of posting either text or files. The files can be anything, starting from photos to video and music.

FF 3

Commenting and liking on posts are available as well, and they look somewhat like the following:

FF 4

They also have the feature of linking your other accounts to FriendFeed, so that whenever a new post is available on the other websites, it is updated on this website as well. They have a total of 58 services or websites available for linking to your FriendFeed account.

FF 5

The simple and easy to use features are all the more reasons for you to sign up and get connected with your friends. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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