Twitter Brand Pages Appear for Companies

After Facebook pages and Google pages, here comes Twitter improved brand pages. They just appeared and there’s already a pretty heated debate around them as to whether this pages will be actually useful to brands and whether Twitter users will care about this or benefit from them.

This week, during a press conference at their new headquarters in San Francisco, the Chief Executive Officer of Twitter, Dick Costolo and co-founder Jack Dorsey divulged interesting information about the new look the microblogging service is hoping to sport. So they brought along an introduction video to showcase the new homepage features. We noticed three new buttons: Home, Connect and Discover. Click on Connect and you get a list of accounts you might like to follow. If you click on Discover, you’ll get some suggestions based on your interests, current location, what you follow and what’s happening in the world.

Users also get to control the message their visitors will view when they first surf the profile for the first time. This way, you can highlight the content you feel is more important or relevant and simply connect with your target audience.

By now, it’s pretty obvious that the commercialization of Twitter continues and it will be interesting to find out whether this type of marketing will work out for average costumers and the big boys alike. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is not used by every company’s target market, so marketers will have to weight their options carefully when deciding how much effort they choose to invest in building a brand page on the microblogging site.


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