Twitter CEO Says His Comment Regarding Twitter’s Pro Version Were Misquoted

Only too recently, Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo hinted while speaking at Wired’s conference in New York that Twitter was working on a pro version, something which was still being explored by the micro-blogging platform. He further stated that he had plans of providing more ‘lightweight’ controls to the user, though he wasn’t clear whether that would be for everyone or just the pro users.

A lot of companies tend to launch premium versions of their services once they are able to amass millions of users. This enables them to do good on the financial front and at the same time, be able to develop more specialized tools and features for the users willing to pay for them.

This would be perfectly understandable for Twitter too. However, the qualm is that Costolo has now tweeted that what he said at the Wired conference hasn’t been properly deciphered by the media and that he didn’t say that Twitter was exploring a premium version, rather only that Twitter was exploring lightweight controls for the users.

To bring things into the clear, let’s go over what he stated when he was asked about a possible pro version of Twitter, “I think that’s a perfectly reasonable expectation. Don’t take that and write down, i know people write down “users will soon have…”. It’s a perfectly reasonable expectation. We’re absolutely going to evolve the profiles page to provide users with more lightweight controls over that page. And that’s the kind of thing that I would like to see in that kind of environment.”

Naturally, from his words quoted above, the impression that one does get is that Twitter is indeed considering a pro version, even when Costolo said that ‘don’t take that and write down.’

Apparently, if there is going to be a pro version of Twitter, it will involve providing the user with what Costolo touts as ‘light-weight controls.’ However, it may be possible that Twitter may be exploring such a version only for brands and not for common users.

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